Kevin David’s Digital Course Secrets Review | Is It Scam?

In this Digital Course Secrets review, I’ll walk you through each of the six chapters step-by-step, start-to-finish!

By the end of this super detailed review, you’ll know EXACTLY whether or not this course is a good option for you.

So let’s jump right in!

A Snapshot of Digital Course Secrets (DCS)

DCS (or Digital Course Secrets) is by far the most comprehensive course you’ll ever come across. 

It is jam-packed with MASSIVE VALUE, but it’s more than just building a fortune.

This course is a never-seen-before proven BLUEPRINT of Kevin’s own multi-million dollar business empire. In DCS, he shares with you literally everything he does behind the scenes.  

It is certainly not for those who wanna make a quick buck. Instead, this course is for ‘empire-builders’ or ‘legacy creators’, as Kevin rightly says.

DCS is a beautiful journey about creating a global movement and help thousands of people doing it.

It is to work smarter, not harder.

This course is about focusing your time where you get the maximum return. Kevin calls it a ‘platinum link’.

I know what you are thinking right now?

But I’m not an expert at anything, how come people would listen to me?

You know the funny thing is…

Kevin says,

You don’t have to be the world’s foremost expert for creating a great product, you just have to be ONE STEP ahead of those you teach.’

That’s it!

What Makes DCS Students Stand Out From Others?

There are two key things that make Kevin’s millionaire students stand out from everyone else:

  1. First, they make incremental progress, even one day at a time; and
  2. Secondly, they do not allow themselves to get overwhelmed

Kevin David Digital Course Secrets Review in Detail – Chapter-by-Chapter Analysis

DCS consists of six chapters and three bonuses in total. Now get ready for the most delightful journey you can ever dream of. 

Here we go…! 

Kevin David's Digital Course Secrets Review | VIDEO

Chapter 1 - Choosing Your Course Niche

In the first chapter, Kevin strongly suggests you to Be Accountable to Yourself’.

Set an alarm (estimated time of completion) for each chapter on your phone or whatever calendar app you use

Because Kevin says if you can’t hold yourself accountable, you’ll never achieve anything of meaning.

Tell everyone around you (family, friends) that you’ll have a fully completed digital course in the next 90 days and it will help thousands.

Kevin says you should get rid of ‘get rich quick’ mentality to pollute your mind because getting rich takes a lot of work.

And by the way, DCS is for those who want massive earth-shaking improvements.

There are no magic pills or gimmicks in DCS.

I tell you what! If you don’t take action, it’s 100% guarantee you’re going to get nothing out of this course, even if you listen and take notes.

Kevin says traditional bricks and mortar businesses are devastatingly OUTDATED. They are expensive, time-consuming and definitely not ‘infinitely scalable’.

This new business model, called ‘Knowledge Economy’ means every single person owns a business inside due to his personal knowledge.

According to GM research, in 2015 online learning stood at $165 billion, and at 2023 it can exceed $240 billion.

What’s more amazing

You don’t have to teach people one-on-one anymore because video can play forever to millions of people.

Section 1 – Finding Your Evergreen Course Niche

At first, Kevin invested all of his time and money into creating iOS app called QuizPixel. He thought he’d be the next app millionaire.

But guess what?

No one bought it


Simply because no one needed it and that didn’t solve people’s problems, right?

The only reason people buy things is to move away from pain or toward pleasure” – Kevin

The only evergreen course subjects:

Wealth, Health and Relationships

Kevin talks about the First Three Steps to Creating A Wildly Successful Online Course:

  1. Select an evergreen niche (like Wealth)
  2. Sub-classification (like Sales)
  3. Sub-niche (like Amazon FBA )

Kevin says whatever sub-niche you choose, you must present it as a new opportunity rather than an improvement. It is one hundred times more difficult to sell an improvement-based product.

Moral of the story: Do not create the course on how to improve …

How To Choose Your Topic

People love to see stuff that is created JUST FOR THEM.

“How [ result they desire most] without [ thing they fear most ]!”

Section 2 – Uncovering Your Diamond

According to Kevin, one of the devastating mistakes beginners often make:

I wanna make a course on a topic that no one else has made before.


Remember, competition is a good thing.

Kevin says, make your course better by caring more and adding more FREE value.

One-on-one guidance is the key to success!

You don’t have to create a course on a topic that you already know.

You can learn it.

Section 3 – Deciphering Human Nature

All great online courses solve specific pain which is why Uber is doing so well. Because you know the pains in finding taxis are that they overcharge you and you can’t find them when you need them.

Kevin says your online course must take people from pain to pleasure.

Join FB groups where beginners in your niche are interacting.

Look for questions that come up over and over again and contribute.

Section 4 – Improvement vs. New Opportunity

Once you find the sub-niche, subscribe to successful people’s email lists and literally eat, sleep and breathe what they do.


Kevin says always remember to present your course as a brand new opportunity and not as an improvement.

Kevin believes your course will be more profitable and you’ll earn BIG MONEY if you teach beginners.

Section 5 – Choose A Brand Name

Here again, Kevin talks a lot about mindset. He says you need two things to be successful:

  • Belief in yourself that you can build a course so that your actions will align with that; and
  • Invincible focus on what you should do, but also on what you should not do

Section 6 – Why Some People Are Rich and Others Aren’t

Focus makes Millionaires” – Kevin

An inherent problem with most people is that they want instant gratification.

With DCS, you are going to work for 3 full months without ever making a dollar…

And then you’ll make millions, due to an effect called compound interest.

Actually, your incremental efforts add up and grow slowly until it reaches explosive point when it grows exponentially.

But most people give up right before their compound interest pays off beyond their wildest imagination.

You have to add a massive amount of value for free, before trying to sell anything.

Section 7 – The Secret To Becoming A Millionaire

Kevin says, only YOU are responsible for wherever you are right now in your life, and nobody else.

Adopt GIN mentality, an acronym for Google It Now.

Whenever you think:

Well, I don’t know how to ____”

You must think like “Well, I don’t know how to ____…Yet

Even if you don’t have the skills now, you can learn it through GIN mentality

Section 8 – How To Find The Perfect Name For Your Course

Here’s the best way

Look for examples of proven course titles and reverse engineer your own name.

Section 9 – Taming The Niche

Do you know why startups fail?

Well, that’s because they create something that people are not interested in!

Look for whether there are previously written blog posts, books on Amazon on your specific topic.

Section 10 – One Question To Rule Them All

Here Kevin says, remember! you can win in any niche by caring more for your students.

Section 11 – The Fab 5 of Financial Freedom

Kevin says what separates his students from everybody else is that my students go through the course, take thorough notes, and then they get to work. It’s that simple

They set their mind into their course and give everything they had.

This is what he calls a 30-day oath.

Chapter 2 - Building Your Tribe

Adding 3 new fans each day, will surpass 1,000 in just one year.” – Kevin David

After that, he quotes a very powerful quotation from Kevin Kelly:

To be a successful creator, you don’t need millions…you only need thousands of true fans“. 

What You’ll Learn

In this chapter, Kevin talks about the BIG three

  • YouTube
  • Facebook group
  • Email

Section 1 – The Three Requirements For Creating Your Movement

  1. You must become an Attractive Character: he is confident, helpful and he is the one with answers (if you don’t know them, do research)
  2. Your course topic needs to be Future-based
  3. You must brand your course as a New Opportunity: it creates excitement.

Section 2 – Becoming The Creator

People who come out of their comfort zone and are willing to change themselves, are the ones who make the most money.

Ask yourself: “Who am I becoming?”

Three Types of Course Creators

  1. The Relatable Beginner

All experts start out as non-experts, but the most important thing is you must make a decision to start.

2. The Seasoned Pro

He is someone who knows what he is talking about because he has credentials like degrees and experience.

3. The Results Getter

This is the best position you must be looking for. It doesn’t matter if you don’t have credentials and you’re just starting out because as long as you can get results for other people, you’re an expert.

So position yourself in this.

Section 3 – Just Do It Mentality

Kevin talks about The Pareto Principle (the 80/20 rule)

80 percent of output is determined by 20 percent of input.

80 % of the US population lives in 20 % of its states and so on.

If one person joins the party, others will follow.

If one person leaves the party, others will do the same.

That’s what Kevin calls an Avalanche Effect: meaning things can spiral up or down

Kevin says it is the most important thing to control this trend in your life.

Getting started is the HARDEST PART…

Section 4 – How To Find Your First Customers

Kevin says there are basically two reasons why people, in the beginning, don’t reach out to their ideal customers:

  • Fear; and
  • Attitude ‘It’s not worth it

You’ll have to value each subscriber at first, answer his questions, and show him that you care about him.

Section 5 – Your Facebook Group

In this section, Kevin gives an example of PayPal co-founder Peter Thiel who says that going from 0-$1,000 is much harder than going from $1,000-$10,000 despite the fact it is much larger jump.

Well, that’s because Kevin says growth is exponential.

Once people are attracted to your course, others will follow.

Kevin often narrates P. T. Barnum quote who once said:

Nothing attracts a crowd quite like a crowd.”

Kevin put a lot of emphasis on communicating with your first subscribers.

He says you have nothing if you can’t communicate with them and you can’t get them into fb group, have them to subscribe your channel or get their email address.

Create public as well as private Facebook groups.

And be extremely active…

After that, Kevin talks about in super detail and shows you step-by-step how to get your first Facebook group members.

He will show you the exact process/workflow that you need to follow to find influencers, relevant groups and build your initial following.

Section 6 – Lead Magnets

Lead magnet is actually something super high value that you give away to people for free in return for their emails.

Lead magnet must offer an ultra-specific solution and an irresistible offer.

Kevin reiterates never ever reinvent the wheel just download the cheat sheet of other successful players in your niche and do the same.

At the end of this chapter Kevin also gives examples of excellently made cheatsheets.

Next, he introduces ClickFunnels upon which his whole digital empire is built and then he shows you how to set up the best email autoresponder called ActiveCampaign.

Section 7 – Youtube

According to Kevin,

The key to making a successful digital course is to create YouTube content consistently.

Say this statement loud once EVERY DAY!

Making 2 videos per week consistently for 90 days is key to success.

It is the single biggest reason Kevin grew his business from 0 to 8 figures in such a short amount of time.

Getting your first 1,000 subscribers is the hardest part but something worth never comes easy.

YouTube and Facebook are two main sources of traffic

Kevin talks about how to create a great YouTube video step-by-step in super detail.

He shows you literally everything in much much depth and detail like how to find your video topics and how to get your photos or video intros ready and so on.

But you’ve got no excuses…

Technology doesn’t matter the value you provide in that video with energy and passion is what matters most.

Never ever feel overwhelmed, it is poison to success.

Section 8 – Your Following

Following is the easiest way to make money, Kevin says.

Most important thing: capture people into your mediums.

Get as many emails as you can because they are yours forever.

For doing that, first, add massive amounts of value for free.

Kevin’s Top 3 Things

  1. Create 2 proven YouTube videos per week
  2. Add 40 targeted people every day on Facebook
  3. Help every single member one-on-one daily

Nothing Else Matters (NEM)

Kevin says adopt ODAAT mentality

One Day At A Time

The students who succeed in DCS family adopt ODAAT mentality.

But you must not have any zero days.

Summary of Chapter 2

  1. How to become attractive/genuine character that others will follow
  2. Three types of course creators
  3. Get your viewers into communication mediums
  4. How to find targeted people in your niche and add them into your fb group
  5. How to create a cheatsheet
  6. Be consistent on YouTube

Chapter 3 - Validating Your Course Idea

Kevin begins this chapter by giving example of a Chinese bamboo tree. It takes five years to sprout. They have to water it each day for five years but it doesn’t sprout until fifth year. Once it breaks through, it grows to 90 feet tall within just 5 weeks.

Now the question is: Does this bamboo tree grow in 5 years or 5 weeks?

Well, of course in 5 years!

Moral of the Story: Sometimes, you don’t see the results of your efforts straight away. But if you consistently put in a lot of effort each day, you’ll reap the benefits at the end BEYOND YOUR WILDEST DREAMS

Do not fit in the data into the idea you’ve always had.

Instead let the data tell you and trust it.

Goals of this chapter:

  • Establish proof of concept with three paid consultations
  • Develop deep understanding of your customers’ pain
  • Get 3 paying customers as proof of concept
  • Three testimonial screenshots

Section 1 – Seeking Your Question Pattern

Before proof of concept, you must ask people one question:

What is your number one question about [YOUR COURSE TOPIC]


What are you struggling with?

These answers will help you create your sales page.

Kevin says you are going to make 100 times more sales, if you answer people’s questions preemptively. This is what he calls  Objection Handling.

Kevin illustrates his point by giving examples of his amazon FBA course throughout DCS.

Always trust the data and assume as if you know nothing.

Section 2 – Your Customers’ Three Wishes

Focus on these three things:

  1. What is your course topic
  2. How can you help
  3. Where your customers want to be

Kevin gives examples of pain and obstacles like:

Pain: I hate a 9 to 5 job. I want to start an online business

Obstacles: I need an idea for profitable online business or how to build out my product?

Section 3 – The Only Four Reasons People Buy Courses

  1. Organization
  2. One-on-one help
  3. Community
  4. Accountability

Section 4 – But Why You?

Kevin says you must fulfill these three conditions before somebody buys from you:

  1. They must have a feeling as if they know you
  2. They must feel like you’re genuine
  3. They must feel like you really want to help them

Actually,  how you present your course content should be closely fitting to your ideal customer

Here Kevin talks about how to remove friction and all the reasons people have not to buy courses from you in SUPER DETAIL and with examples. 

He shows you step-by-step on how to write About Me section and how to add your call to action.

Section 5 – Establishing Proof of Concept (PoC)

According to Kevin, Proof of concept is important to establish interest in your course.

Therefore, you need to create PoC before creating a digital course.

In this way, you’ll feel confident that your course will sell.

After that, Kevin talks about in super detail about how do you find your first paying customers to establish PoC.

He literally shows you step-by-step and in much detail using the following methods to get PoC:

Method # 1 Facebook posts

Method # 2 Direct Outreach

Method # 3 Adding Value and Answering Questions in Large Facebook Groups

Kevin says, in DCS, there is no such thing as failure, there’s only feedback.

The offer for the Proof of Concept must take your minimum time and it should not be detailed.

Again! Never ever allow yourself to get overwhelmed.

After that, Kevin gives you Hundred Dollar Challenge: create simple product, sell it for 19 dollars to five people. Just do it now!

Section 6 – Minimum Viable Product

It means getting results for your students with the least amount of features in your product.

All good things were at first small and scrappy.

Here Kevin gives example of McDonald’s, how it started.

Section 7 – How to be “beta” than your competition

Most course creators do not beta test because it involves a lot of work.

There’s no better way to get direct feedback about your course.

You can get testimonial screenshots that you can use everywhere.

Summary of Chapter 3

  1. Top 3 questions your customers have about your course
  2. Customers’ mental obstacles
  3. Only 4 reasons people buy courses
  4. How to find your perfect customers
  5. How to validate course idea through PoC
  6. MVP – less is often more

Chapter 4 - Organizing, Pricing & Building Your Course

Like in every chapter Kevin begins this chapter with a beautiful quote. This time it’s by Steve Jobs:

“You’ve got to start with the customer experience and work back towards the technology, not the other way around.”

Remember! people are busy and if your content is not well structured, they will notice that. If they don’t enjoy learning from you, you’re already lost even if your content is very good.

To make learning enjoyable, it has to have three things:

  1. Keep your students engaged with passion and energy.
  2. With structure and quick wins, do not allow your students to get overwhelmed.
  3. You must create the most concise content.

What You’ll Learn

In this chapter, Kevin teaches you ninja techniques to build your course outline.

These are the exact same strategies he used to create his four multi-million dollar courses.

Kevin teaches you how to properly price your digital course. He also talks about what kind of strategies other successful course creators use to price them.

He talks about his software that he used to record his screen and host videos.

Section 1 – Don’t Reinvent The Wheel

Just look at the table of contents of top tier successful courses in your niche like on udemy.

See how they structure their information because the order of info is just as important.

Try to add as many quotes and stories as you can.

Kevin says your course cannot be perfect when it is first launch, but be open to change.

Become better version of yourself.

Kevin quotes LinkedIn founder Reif Hoffman:

If you aren’t embarrassed by the first version of your product, you shipped too late

Kevin says do not fall prey to perfectionism and delay action. Most important thing is just do it.

Section 2 – Sculpting Your Skeleton

Look at the sales pages, course outlines of the popular courses in your niche.

Use udemy, amazon and google

Then Kevin talks about the refund policy, which should not be too long that people procrastinate or too short that they feel stressed.

Your course must take at least 30 to maximum 90 days to complete.

Section 3 – From Skeleton To Flesh and Bones

Write detailed course outlines that help you organize your thoughts step-by-step.

It’s better to have both videos and pdf’s for your course.

Here Kevin gives example of an outline of his Facebook ads masterclass course.

Don’t make hour long videos, split them into multiple videos.

Section 4 – Idea Branding (IB)

You can take any strategy, put your stamp on it and make it exceptional through IB.

You can use unique acronyms like KISS (Keep It Simple Stupid!)

After that, Kevin gives you a list of words that you can use as IB to name your course.

Section 5 – How to Create Success Stories

Here Kevin talks about the importance of welcome video in your digital course.

The goal of this welcome video is to inspire your students, you must get your students excited and position yourself as a leader.

Tell something like how are you gonna teach them and how much time they need to devote.

After that, Kevin describes the importance of private Facebook group.

Kevin says treat your students as a family and they’ll become your best marketers.

Give them incentives that if they join, they will get free valuable bonuses (which is the best way) or one-on-one help.

Because the thing is: about 30-50 percent people will not join.

People love free bonuses and it’s incredibly important to have your students join FB group, in order to get success stories.

Section 6 – Course Creation Tools

Here Kevin talks about his suggested tools and how to use them.

He uses tools like Camtasia, Vimeo, Lastpass, Google Drive, Trello, Hubstaff, Upwork, Fiverr

After that, he gives useful tips for finding top tier contractors.

Kevin wraps up by saying instead of focusing too much on production quality, you should strive to build insanely practical and super valuable content.

Next Kevin describes in super detail about how to 10x your productivity and output.

He says there is a thing which he calls Little Task Devil (LTD) that will always distract you from DCS.

It can be anything from homework, your other clients or work.

But you have to defeat LTD:

Start your day with the most important task and never ever lost in details” – Kevin

Do not multitask.

Then Kevin talks more about how to stay on track on creating your course followed by mindset stuff.

Section 7 – A Picture Paints A Thousand Words But a Video Makes Millionaires

Video is the fastest way to build rapport which is why YouTube is the most powerful platform.

Video creates the feeling among your students as if they know you personally.

Here Kevin gives a lot of useful tips and strategies to make a perfect video.

He says before recording a video, he writes out everything in his course outline that he needs to say in a video.

Kevin uses software called Camtasia to record his screen.

Whenever you record your first YouTube video, you’ll feel it’s wrong. Everyone feels the same.

Section 8 – Becoming A Maestro of Pricing

In the beginning, like all course creators, you’ll feel guilt of charging for the knowledge in your brain.

Kevin says you may be terrified to charge other people for your information.

Whatever price you feel confident investing in yourself, that’s the amount you should feel confident charging other people.

Then Kevin illustrates his point by comparing the cost of your course with the cost you pay for a college degree.

Here he writes a beautiful quote by Seth Godin:

Perhaps the reason price is all your customers care about is because you haven’t given them anything else to care about”.

Kevin says Russell Brunson is 1000% right when he says,

When you pay, you pay attention”.

Kevin gives you a baseline about how to price your online course.

In the remaining part, he describes in much much detail about how to perfectly price your course and also shows his favorite pricing.

Remember! never do discounts for special occasions, this will upset your students who purchased your course at full price.

Kevin also gives you the sweet spots for charging courses and how to maximize your traffic conversion percentage in detail

Never price the lowest, be the premium brand” – Kevin

Section 9 – Your Lazy Mind Vs. Your Conscious Mind

Kevin talks about in super detail on how to control your lazy mind and become 100x more powerful.

He illustrates his point through his own lifelong personal stories.

Section 10 – Change Your Habits

The only difference between millionaires and non-millionaires is consistent daily habits exponentiated over time” – Kevin

He talks about how he changed his daily habits in much much detail throughout this section and with the help of stories from his real life experiences.

The most critical habit is focus.” – Kevin

Kevin says if you bounce around between different tasks, it kills your productivity.

Summary of Chapter 4

  1. Use pre-existing resources to create well-thought skeleton
  2. How to initially organize the information
  3. Create basic outlines of your course
  4. Concept of Idea Branding to liven up your course
  5. Incentivize your students to join fb groups
  6. Strategies for how to price your course for explosive sales
  7. Lazy mind vs. the Conscious mind
  8. FOCUS – key to success

Chapter 5 - Technological Evolution

Chapter 5 also begins with a beautiful quote from Einstein:

If I had an hour to solve a problem, I’d spend 55 minutes thinking about the problem and 5 minutes thinking about solutions.

Kevin teaches you how to create your technological infrastructure.

He shows you the easiest possible way to create fully automated scalable digital course.

Goals Of This Chapter

  • Minimum Viable Technological Infrastructure
  • Create sales funnel.
  • Create course product
  • Start accepting credit card payments
  • Set up membership site

What You’ll Learn

  • In this chapter, Kevin shares his exact email sequences, funnels and templates that you can readily import into your account with few clicks.
  • Step-by-step training of the EASIEST possible way to create fully automated digital course. 

Section 1 – Sales Page, Order Page and Thank you

Here Kevin introduces three funnels that every successful course needs:

  1. Sales funnel – sales page, order page, thank you page
  2. Membership funnel
  3. Webinar funnel

During the rest of this section, Kevin describes in super depth about funnels especially webinar funnel, which he calls YOUR WORKHORSE.

According to Kevin, webinar is so powerful that it turns cold audiences into believers in you.

In Bonus # 3 of DCS, Kevin shares his exact webinar funnel and email sequences that he used to build his own multi-million dollar business. These resources are alone worth $50k.

You’ll be shocked at the results because of how well they work.

First off, set up initial technology

Step #1 sign up for click funnels account

Step # 2 set up your llc and business bank account

(for accepting credit card payments, use payment gateway called

Kevin explains in super detail where to register your llc and how to register it and get EIN

Step # 3 Set up your support and domain emails

This is a through and overwhelming chapter because Kevin literally shows you the nitty-gritty and each and everything you need to set up domain and support emails.

Section 2 – The Art of the Sales Funnel

Kevin gives you his million dollar plug and play sales funnel to download for FREE.

Video for the bulk of the training

Section 3 – The Sales Page

Here Kevin explains in detail about how to craft perfect sales page for your course.

He also describes what kind of features make it appealing.

Your sales page must include your interested audience’s biggest fears and worries.

Because once people see their frustrations mentioned in your sales page, they would feel, ‘oh that’s me’.

He also gives you his privacy policy, terms of service and earnings disclaimer funnels so that you may change them to be custom for your product.

Section 4 – The Order Page

It’s here where magic happens because customers make the final decision at this page.

Usually, customers have one final question to be answered before investing in your course.

Part # 1 Kevin shows you step-by-step how to set up stripe with click funnels

Part # 2 Here Kevin shows you step-by-step on how to create products in the order pages

Section 5 – The Membership Funnel

This is important because only those people who have bought your course should be able to login, and not others.

Kevin gives his members access funnel and members area funnel for free so that you can import them on your click funnels account.

Now he shows you with step-by-step instructions on how to set up onboarding emails. This will be the email that will be sent out to your students right after purchase.

He also shows you:

  • How to restrict access to your products;
  • How to add videos to your membership site.

Section 6 – The Thank You Page

Here he shows step-by-step on how to set up your thank you page.

Also, you need to install the purchase event snippet at this page

Summary of Chapter 5

  1. Sales funnel
  2. Use proven sales copy from proven successful people
  3. Automation of the order page
  4. Membership funnel
  5. Thank you page

Chapter 6 - Marketing Mastery

What You’ll Learn

  • In this chapter, Kevin is going to teach you all about digital marketing, which he calls the driving force behind your success.
  • You’ll learn everything about the most effective form of paid advertising.

There are three things that make people to buy:

Curiosity, Scarcity, Exclusivity

Kevin would teach you how to integrate these things into your message.

Goal of paid traffic: get people to register for your webinar or download cheatsheet

At first, you only need to start out with Facebook advertising

Section 1 – The Art of Storytelling

Logic tells, stories sell

Marketing is no longer about the stuff that you make, but about the story you tell” – Seth Godin

Just formulate your own story and say it quite often.

One important thing: your backstory must be very close to the current place of your target audience.

Make it real…

Your audience must feel like:

He is genuine

I can relate to him

His message hit me in the heels

When they feel it, you win.

Section 2 – 5 Steps to a Perfect Launch

The arch-enemy of the launch is human nature – humans normally push off big decisions.

Most powerful marketing tools:

  • Reward fast action – 50% off for first 10 people
  • Exclusivity – only accepting 10 people
  • Scarcity – opportunity open until Sunday 11:59 pm
  • Curiosity – learn little known secrets to earn 10k in your first month

Huge mistake: people build everything for one day or one hour because once that day passes everything is over

Instead build infrastructure and automation:

  • Step # 1 Agitate their current pain
  • Step # 2 Future pace where they could be
  • Step # 3 Present the solution
  • Step # 4 Remove frictions by addressing all reservations
  • Step # 5 Incentivize immediate sign up

Section 4 – Launching to Your Own Ecosystem

Kevin talks about step-by-step and in super detail about launching on each of these platforms.

Big mistake: do not announce the course directly because no one cares about you. They care about themselves…

Launch your course on these platforms before doing paid traffic:

YouTube, Facebook Group, Email List

Never disclose pricing until the last possible moment to capture people’s interest

Showing price too early may lose some of them

Section 5 – Deciphering and Mastering Facebook Ads

Facebook knows you better than you know yourself…Kevin

YouTube and google ads will come once you scale $10k – 30k+ per month

In this section Kevin teaches you just about everything about Facebook ads

He gives you step-by-step strategies to launch and scale your ads with a lot of examples

You’ll also learn about Kevin’s best performing ad graphics and copy

He talks about the following:

  1. How to set up business manager: how to create an ad account and how to add Facebook page
  2. Facebook vocabulary like campaign, adset, ad, naming conventions for campaign, custom audience, lookalike audience, Facebook pixel, cold traffic, warm traffic and audience insights

Section 6 – The Perfect Elements to the Perfect Facebook Ad

Advertising requires creating a relationship.

Build rapport by offering free value.

Give away things for free to get people interested (lead magnet) which is just like getting people in the door.

Here he explains the Value Ladder and then he gives example of McDonald’s.

4 Elements of perfect FB ad:

  1. Curiosity Hook and pattern interrupt – A question or story to get them to pause
  2. Emotional Future Pacing – how much better they will feel with your product
  3. Time sensitive Call to Action – today only, price raises tomorrow
  4. Visuality – bright blue or green

Section 7 – The Tools and Marketing Objectives You Need

Types of FB ads marketing objectives

  • Traffic
  • Page like campaigns
  • Video views – keep your video ad as short as possible

Kevin also gives you the best types of video ads

Three parts of an awesome video ad

  • The hook
  • The meat
  • The call to action

Conversion campaign – expensive type of marketing objective because FB shows your ad to people most likely to purchase your product.

Kevin shows you literally everything in super detail and all the ins and outs of FB in do-this-do-that way.

Section 8 – How to Laser Target Your Perfect Audience

You need to define your audience first.

Kevin also gives you Ninja Facebook Advertising Compass, which contains a detailed list of Interests, Demographics and Behaviors.

It’s a very useful tool and you can use it to target your perfect customer. These options focus directly on profiling your potential customers to get more clicks.

Here Kevin shows you in super detail on how to use Audience Insights, Interests, Demographics and Behaviors to get useful data about your potential customers.

Next, he talks about in detail about the perfect placements for your ads along with his Ninja Hacks.

Never select automatic placements” – Kevin

He also describes the importance of Split Testing and how to do it the right way.

The person who tests the most, wins

Split testing is the ‘LIFE FORCE’ of getting successful on FB ads.

Next, he talks about custom audiences, how to create them and what kind of custom audiences you must use to make Lookalike Audiences and then there is a Ninja Hack.

After that, Kevin talks about Lookalike Audiences which he calls the LIFEBLOOD of Facebook ads.

He also gives you very useful tips on advanced creative lookalike audiences.

Next, he talks about Audience Size – 500,000 to 1 million ideal for digital products. Also, he teaches you how to avoid ‘Audience Saturation’ – showing you ads to the same people too often. Finally how much budget you need to spend on Facebook ads.

Section 9 – How to Create One Perfect Ad

People are not interested in your product, they are buying the SOLUTION your product solves” – Kevin

Kevin describes in detail with examples the features of a great ad like short headline with action, evidence of social proof, strong value proposition, time-restrictive Call to Action.

Next, he talks about the types of ad copy like short copy, long form copy (Kevin’s favorite) and claims backed with proof.

Remember, if your product quality is poor, no amount of advertising will change that” – Kevin

After that, Kevin talks about the importance of a conventional tone.

Always respond to every single comment on your ad” – Kevin

He tells you what kind of microexprssions you can use in your ad and how to use them.

He also teaches you how to find best Facebook ad examples by using tools like AdEspresso and Swiped.

He also shows you how to view real example ads for your interests directly from Facebook.

Most importantly, how to spy on your competition.

Section 10 – Highest Converting Ads + How to Find Inspiration

This section is literally the GOLDMINE of proven ad copy (just to make sure ‘copy’ means writing portion of an ad).

Here Kevin shares his personal folder with you, which contains ALL of his ad creative, both videos and images.

He continually updates this folder time and time again.

He built this folder over the years.

Here’s the deal…

Kevin allows you to use any of these ads as your own completely FOR FREE!

Wow! It’s a real treasure! Trust me!

There’s a huge treasure of ad copy examples.

Also, there is a treasure of all of his ad copy and there are literally folders on Instagram, Images, Retargeting, Longform Videos w/ Testimonials at the End and so on.

Next, he also shows you from where does he get serious inspiration for his ads like Harmon Brother Ads.

Section 11 – How to Split Test Like a Professional

Without doubt, this is one of the most important sections of the entire DCS.

Number of people clicked on your ad vs. how many saw it

Number of people liked or commented on your ad

Creating new multiple adsets within Facebook is a game-changer.

Previously, you had to use third party software to create split tests.

Next, Kevin shows you step-by-step on how to create up to ONE HUNDRED ad set split tests, which is unbelievably powerful – he calls it ‘Brute Force Method’.

Previously, you had to create split tests manually one-by-one.

After that, he teaches you in super detail on how to split test Lookalikes for explosive results.

Section 12 – How to Retarget for Explosive Results

Retargeting means to push someone who has already engaged to complete an action.

Retargeting – key to explosive profits

Out of a million different ways to retarget on FB, he literally shows you step-by-step and in much detail his top 3 proven methods

Kevin’s Top 3 Ways to Retarget

  1. Incentive-based Retargeting
  2. Facebook Engagement – Video, Lead Form, Facebook Page, Instagram Business Profile
  3. Video Testimonial Carousel

Section 13 – How to Experiment and Leverage My Experiments on Facebook

This section is essentially about Kevin’s own experiments that he tried with Facebook ads over the years and by spending hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Cold Traffic Lead Magnet Experimentation

It’s a great simple way to validate your ideas and get proof of concept.

Based on what Facebook calls ‘Relevance Score’, Facebook determines how many times to show your ad and to whom.

If your ad receives negative feedback, your relevance score decreases and it increases on positive feedback.

Kevin shows you the exact steps to help your ads to be shown more often which increases your ad’s feedback and thus relevancy score.

Next, Kevin shows you step-by-step his 4 favorite Automation Rules to scale fast.

These rules are super useful because once you split tests you’ll have lots of ad sets and ads. In such a situation, it’s very difficult to identify which ad sets or ads are winners and which ones are losers.

After that, he talks about common reasons why most Facebook ad accounts get shut down, which is extremely common.

In order to avoid this, you need to be consistent from the start, he says.

He teaches you the exact steps and methods to avoid account suspension.

He even provides you the checklist for fb ad account survival.

Finally, he also teaches you what to do if your ad account is disabled.

He also gives you detailed tips and strategies on how to sell your additional product to existing customers, thanks to his Ninja Retargeting Hack.

At the end, he shows you how to organize your columns.

He also teaches you how to use Facebook analytics.

Section 14 – How to Scale

Once you put in $1 into a Facebook ad and gets $3, it’s one thing…


If you try to scale to $100 a day and hope to get $300 out, it’s a whole new ball game because everything changes.

Moral of the story: Increasing the budget cannot proportionally give you the same results

This is NOT how it works!

Therefore, Kevin teaches you the right way to scale on Facebook in super detail!

Kevin’s Right Way to Scale: Duplicate winning ad sets and changing one variable at a time.

He also teaches you when to stop running your ad too.

Never, ever, ever change winning ad sets because Facebook does not like change.” Kevin

Section 15 – Putting It All Together for your Course

In this section, Kevin shows you an example of his real ad that he uses in his business. He breaks down each specific section and explains each and everything to you in super detail on how it all works in real-time.

After that, he also gives you examples of his most profitable minimum viable ads.

Next, he literally shows you in his 8-step instructions on how it all works.

Finally, he gives you the Ultimate Facebook ads checklist.

Summary of Chapter 6

  1. How to effectively communicate your organic launch using youtube, Facebook and email list
  2. How to frame your story
  3. Big 3 things you need to be successful
  4. How to get people to take action
  5. Facebook advertising vocabulary
  6. How to utilize splits tests
  7. Create minimum viable adsof

THREE BONUSES In Digital Course Secrets


Raising Your Army - The Art Of Affiliate

In bonus # 1, Kevin shows you EXACTLY how to crank up the sales of your digital course manyfold. 

Here, he shows you how to leverage your course members and offer them the opportunity to earn commission by selling your course as affiliates. 


Facebook Messenger Bots – Chat with Many with ManyChat 

In bonus # 2, Kevin shows you how to leverage advanced chat bots of FB messenger.

He shows you how to automate nearly all of the conversations with your prospects using these chat bots. As a result, you cut back 90 percent of your work.  


Million Dollar Webinar Funnel – The Strongest Workhorse On Earth

In the last bonus section, Kevin finally reveals his most secret and most powerful weapon: advanced webinar masterclass. 

You can literally convert your conversions 10x with this webinar funnel.

He shows you exactly how to keep your watchers engaged using power language and trigger your webinar after every 15 minutes. It gives the feeling to tenderfoots as if they are Just In Time.  

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