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Top 10 Best Recliners for Back Pain 2021 [Reviews & Buying Guide]

It can be a pretty painful experience if you are suffering from bad back. However, this pain gets even worse if you recline on a chair or recliner sofa in a posture that may deteriorate your pain. But the good news is, there are some best recliners for back pain that are quite effective in alleviating a lot of your physical pains including back or neck pain and even sore muscles. 

In addition to providing a high level of comfort, a recliner can also help in alleviating chronic pain to your back muscles. Thanks to the good lumbar support in most recliners, they allow to sit in the right posture and ease the pressure off from you hip joints. 

Top 10 Best Recliners for Back Pain with Lumbar Support


Esright Massage Recliner Chair Heated Composite Materials Ergonomic Lounge

This nice-looking sofa is made of real and faux leather, which is soft, durable and smooth to the touch.
The back of this chair is padded with thick cushion in order to provide extra comfort. 
It comes with a number of very helpful features especially if you’re suffering from back pain.

Some of these are heat and massage functions for your lower back and rocking options. This chair also swivels 360 to give you all-round view. 
With two cup holders on both arms, this chair is definitely one of the best recliners out there. 
The remote control of this chair features 5 modes of comfortable massaging. 

Our Opinions About This Product

Given a lot of useful features, this chair is by far one of the best recliners for back pain. The leather cover not only makes it durable and soft, but it also gives it a pretty modern look. It comes with a lot of options for alleviating back pain and sore muscles. If you want to have massage at your lower back muscles, you can turn on the vibration modes.

Despite the high quality of this chair, this recliner is not very expensive. In fact, this recliner sofa is available in very reasonable price which makes it even more appealing. For that reason, we highly recommend this recliner especially for people who are suffering from back pain problems. 

What We Like
  • The back support of this chair is pretty nice, thanks to the thickly padded cushion at the back.
  • You can enjoy variety of back relief features since it cones with heat and massage functions of various intensity levels. 
  • The fact that it is made from high quality material makes it even more durable and attractive. 
  • It has the perfect size for a normal individual and it gives you a feeling as if you are sink into it while seating.
  • Not only does it lean back, it also swivels and rocks. 
What We Don’t Like
  • It is sometimes difficult to install the armrests of this recliner. 
  • Since this chair is not shipped in one box, it can be somewhat a hassle at times when one of the two boxes shows up earlier while the other one is still not delivered. 
  • The cupholders are slightly small for usual cups. 
  • The heating function works only when the massage feature is turned on. 

Homall Recliner Chair Padded Seat Pu Leather for Living Room Single Sofa Recliner

It is a very stylish-looking chair thanks to its PU leather material, which is soft, high-quality and durable. This chair has a pretty useful vibration function for your lower back muscles. It is made of durable steel frame that can hold up for years.  In addition to the massage feature, this recliner also has a sleep mode and adjustable footrest. 

The armrests are curved to provide an extra level of comfort. They are also wide enough to hold your arms comfortably on them. In order to keep you hard floor safe from any markings, each of its four feet is equipped with non-marking pads. 

Our Opinions About This Product

This Homall recliner chair is the perfect option for those who are looking for an instant relief at an affordable price. Given the fact that it offers a lot of helpful features for your back pain like heat and massage functions, it can be the most favorable option for back pain sufferers. This chair not only alleviates pain from your sore muscles at the back or neck, this chair also helps support your back with the right posture. Thanks to its classic designs and style, it can easily fit into just about any kind of home decor. The backrests and armrests are well padded and curved for extra comfort. All in all, given the fact that all of these features come with a very reasonable price, makes it an ideal choice for just about everyone.

What We Like
  • It has a very well-padded, supportive and thick cushion at the back.
  • Unlike many other reclining chairs, this sofa has relatively larger seating cushion. 
  • The curved design of armrests makes it more comfortable and appealing to the eye. Besides, they are also pretty wide than most others. 
  • Thanks to its contemporary outlook and modern design, this chair can a perfect addition to any kind of living room. 
  • The assembly of this chair is an absolute breeze. 
What We Don’t Like
  • The headrest of this recliner is slightly shorter for tall people. 
  • Footrest is not well-padded.

Relaxzen Leisure Recliner Chair

This recliner is made of high quality and soft leather material that can hold up for years to come. It can be a very good option for both overweight and for light people.  You can easily adjust the position of the ottoman according to your own comfort level. 

If you are having back pain or sore muscles, this recliner can provide an instant relief to your back pain problems. It comes with a variety of massage features and target zones as per your specific needs. 

Our Opinions About This Product

It is an exceptionally nice-looking and comfortable chair, thanks to its durable leather cover. The leather material gives it a more stylish look and also make it more durable than others. It can enhance the look of your interior decor and also provide great relief to your back muscles. You can target any painful area of your body with its targeting and massage features. Whether you are having back pain problems due to the long sitting or manual labor, this recliner is a very good option for alleviating back pain. Therefore, we recommend this chair to anyone who is experiencing back pain problems and sore muscles. 

What We Like
  • It offers a pretty nice comfort level considering the price of this chair. 
  • This chair features eight massage motors to mitigate pain from your lower body as well as from your stiff neck muscles.  
  • It contains a very effective heating function for an instant relief to your back muscles. 
  • Despite the fact it doesn’t have typical adjustable footrest, this ottoman turns out to be equally good and quite comfortable too.
  • This recliner offers a lot of useful features in an affordable price. 
What We Don’t Like
  • Given the size of this chair, it may not be too suitable for taller people.
  • It can be hassle to assemble this chair because it’s not too easy to set up this chair for some people. 

Flash Furniture Plush Brown Lever Rocker Recliner

This rocker recliner is made of LeatherSoft upholstery, which is soft, durable and appealing to the eye.  It contains thick seat cushion and well padded cushion at the back for extra comfort. The arms are well cushioned and wide.  The arms are well cushioned and wide. 

Our Opinions About This Product

This recliner chair is made of leather material which is soft, durable and soft to the touch. Thanks to the thickly padded arms, back cushion and seat cushion, this is an incredibly comfortable sofa for anyone with back problems. It is an ideal chair for watching TV or reading a magazine or book because this recliner provides premium level of comfort all around. We recommend this chair due to its high level of comfort and it also alleviates your chronic back pain. 

What We Like
  • This recliner is made of LeatherSoft upholstery which is soft and smooth to the touch. 
  • It has stylish design and modern outlook.  
  • This chair has ample space to accommodate overweight and large people
  • It contains plush and thickly padded cushions at the backrest and arms. 
  • This recliner sofa provides premium level of comfort for a well-deserved nap. 
  • With its attractive look, this sofa is a total statement piece in any living room or office. 
What We Don’t Like
  • This recliner chair takes up a lot of space in the living room.
  • It may not hold up for years. 

MAGIC UNION Power Lift Massage Recliner 

This recliner is made of solid wooden frame, which makes it more durable than others. It is wrapped in leather upholstery, which is soft and smooth to the touch. This chair provides heat and massage functions for your back and lumbar support. 

The power lift feature helps seniors to stand upright without putting any pressure on their joints. This function pushes the chair up nicely and smoothly from the base. There are useful cup holders on both sides of the armrests. The back cushion and are armrests are thickly padded for premium comfort.  

Our Opinions About This Product

This is one of the most stylish and comfortable recliner chairs. It has thickly padded seat cushions, backrest and plush armrests for extra comfort. The two cupholders on either side of the arms together with a built-in pocket at the side is pretty convenient for watching TV or storing things. Not only does it contain heat and massage features with five auto modes, it is also the perfect recliner for elderly thanks to its power lift mechanism. Therefore, we recommend this chair for those who may find it hard to get up on their feet. It is an exceptionally good recliner chair for seniors and for those suffering from back pain problems.  

What We Like
  • This reclining chair is made of faux leather for longer use.
  • The solid wooden frame construction of this chair makes it durable and long-lasting.
  • Thanks to its power lift mechanism, the seniors can easily stand on their feet without exerting stress on their knee joints. 
  • It contains pretty convenient side pocket for storing remotes controller as well as two cup holders. 
  • The heating feature provides ultimate soothing to the lower back of your body. With eight different massage functions and heating, this chair is one of the best recliners for back pain problems. 
  • It is pretty easy to operate. 
  • The assembly of this recliner is a cinch and almost anyone can setup this chair within minutes. 
  • You can operate the built-in footrest with a remote controller.
What We Don’t Like
  • Some customers have complained about the durability of the frame construction of this chair.

Real Relax Massage Chair, Full Body Zero Gravity Shiatsu Massage Recliner 

This is a high-quality recliner has a zero-gravity design with a variety of massage options and modern functions.  It contains eight massage neck back rollers and you can set them using smart remote control system.  In order to adjust massage to your desired needs, this chair has three speed levels for massaging your thighs or hips.   

The remote controller of this chair contains high definition VFD display screen, which makes it pretty easy to understand your body massage. If you want to receive stress from your feet, you can massage them by using airbags and rollers. This chair can easily accommodate people from 5.2 to 6.3 inch tall, thanks to the extended version of its footrest. 

Our Opinions About This Product

This zero gravity massage chair is amazingly comfortable for all kinds of pain especially for back or neck pain. It has a variety of massage options thanks to the airbags and rollers that provide ultimate relaxation to your feet and lumbar area. The heating function soothes your lumbar part and helps in the circulation of blood throughout your body. You can adjust the strength levels and speed of the rollers with smart remote control. We recommend this chair for just about anyone who has neck or muscle stiffness or back pain. 

What We Like
  • This massage chair has smart remote controller with high definition display for ease of use. 
  • It contains 50 airbags and eight massage neck back rollers for providing high level of comfort. 
  • You can set the rollers up or down by using a handy remote controlling device.
  • It allows you to customize massage as per your desires thanks to its three levels of speed and eight massage rollers for a complete body massage.
  • This recliner has zero gravity design with six auto modes. 
What We Don’t Like
  • Some customers complain that it becomes a little noisy during massage. 

Zero Gravity Full-Body Kahuna Massage Chair Recliner

This Kahuna massage chair has an L-track frame structure that provide full support to your back or neck muscles.  The massage system of this chair contains four rollers with air-cell mechanism for providing massage to your arms, shoulders and hips.  It allows you to enjoy full custom body massage with three stages of zero gravity positions. 

With its air-cell massage technology, this chair contains five techniques for massaging with six auto programs. This recliner has heating therapy for your lumbar area and thighs. 

Our Opinions About This Product

This Kahuna massage chair is one of the best recliners for people with back pain and neck problems. It contains a lot of modern features and functions that will help you alleviate your stress from your feet and your back. Thanks to its five manual massage techniques with six auto programs and four roller massage system, this recliner provides extremely high level of comfort to just about anyone. For releasing stress from your tired feet, this chair contains dual foot rollers to make feet relax. With its zero gravity position, this recliner is a space-saving sofa because it needs only three inches of clearance from the wall. With a lot of therapeutic benefits, you can virtually feel weightless and enjoy a deeper massage on this recliner. We recommend this recliner for all those looking for a premium comfort level and various techniques for massaging different areas of your body.  

What We Like
  • Since the chair slides forward when you lean back, it allows you to have only three inches of clearance from the wall. 
  • It has an ergonomic structural design for providing high level of custom body massage as per your desires. 
  • This chair has dual foot rollers for relieving stress from your feet. 
  • It contains four roller massage mechanism that covers the entire body and provide massage to your shoulders, hips and arms. 
What We Don’t Like
  • It is not super easy to assemble this recliner. 
  • The velcro of this recliner doesn’t seem to be of high quality.  

Esright Electric Power Lift Recliner Chair

This multifunctional power lift recliner has five vibrating massage modes and 8-point massage mechanism for your back, lumbar and legs.  It contains a pretty handy side pocket for storing remote controls or other stuff. This Esright lift recliner is wrapped in high quality artificial leather. The chair leans back up to 150 degrees by using a remote control. 

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Our Opinions About This Product

This Esright power lift recliner is one of the ideal choices especially for seniors or for those who find it hard to get up on their feet. It has an ergonomic design which supports your neck, back and thighs for ultimate comfort. With its five vibrating massage modes and massage system of eight different points, this chair is the most comfortable recliner for reading, napping and for any kind of tiredness relief. You can stop at any position of reclining or lifting thanks to the remote control buttons. We recommend this chair for those looking for an instant relief for your back pain or relieving stress from other painful body parts. 

What We Like
  • The five vibrating modes of massage and eight points of massage areas are perfect for relieving stress from your lumbar area. 
  • The high quality artificial leather is dirty resistant and pretty hassle-free to clean too. 
  • It is an absolute breeze to set up this chair and without using any tools. 
  • The durable and sturdy metal frame construction ensures more stability for long time usage. 
  • The power lift mechanism is pretty silent and smooth.
What We Don’t Like
  • This power lift recliner is slightly bulky and heavy to move around. 

U-MAX Lift Recliner Power Lift Chair for Elderly

This chair leans back up to 140 degrees by using a control panel. 
It contains eight vibrating massage points to target lumbar, thighs and neck muscles of your body. Moreover, there is also an additional heating function for lumbar area. 

The massage mechanism of this chair works with two intensity levels and five vibration modes including press, wave and pulse. 

The entire recliner is made of PU leather upholstery and there are extra thick sponge at the backrest and armrests. 

There are two convenient cup holders as well as a side pocket for storing controls. 

Our Opinions About This Product

This U-Max electric lift recliner is the ultimate solution for your back pain and stiff neck muscles. It comes with a lot of helpful features for massaging like four targeted areas for massage focus along with five vibrating modes. With the help of a control panel, this chair can recline up to 140 degrees in a smooth manner. Thanks to its lift mechanism, the chair lifts up and leans back silently and smoothly. There is also a heating function for your lower body part, which is great. Plus, there is thick padding on the back, lumbar and seat cushion for high level of comfort. 

What We Like
  • This chair is made of PU leather cover, which is soft, durable and easy to clean.  
  • You can operate the massage functions and the heating feature separately.  
  • There are four target areas for massage and eight vibration points with two intensity levels in this recliner. 
  • The lift mechanism is silent and it pushes the recliner up and makes it super easy for the person to stand on his feet. In this way, the user doesn’t need to exert extra stress on his knees and joints. 
  • Two cup holders on both sides and both armrests are thickly padded for extra comfort. 
  • It also contains a handy side pocket to storing magazines, controls and bottles.
What We Don’t Like
  • The warranty policy is not very good. 
  • Some users complain that this chair may not hold up well for years. 

Full Body Electric Shiatsu Massage Chair Recliner

This Shiatsu massage recliner contains four massage points with three levels of intensity controls. It contains 21 airbags for in different areas like feet, arms, shoulders, and thighs. 

There is also a heat therapy mechanism for your lumbar area and feet. 

This chair offers custom fit massage thanks to its smart technology that scans your entire body size. 

For a deeper massage experience, it contains seven massage modes and nine preset auto programs with different techniques for massage.  

Our Opinions About This Product

This Shiatsu power lift recliner is the most elegant-looking chair an it is equipped with a lot of modern features. With its smart body scan technology and 9 massage modes, this chair has all the newest features of a modern recliner. It contains 21 airbags that are strategically located in various areas to help you achieve the optimum level of comfort. It is suitable for people from 5 feet to 6.2 feet. Finally, there is also a bluetooth speaker and feet rollers to enjoy your premium relaxation. For these reasons, we recommend this recliner for those who want to take their heating and massage therapy to the next level. It is an ideal choice for people who are having back pain issues or even neck stiff muscles. 

What We Like
  • Built-in sensor to determine automatically the length of your spinal cord. 
  • Four massage points with four levels of air massage pressure allows you to enjoy ultimate relaxing experience. 
  • Nine preset massage programs with seven modes of massage for premium massage experience.
  • The S-track frame of this recliner resembles you the shape of your back as it allows you to stretch your spine and increase the circulation of blood.
  • The neck massage corrects your sitting posture and relieves stress.
What We Don’t Like
  • Lack of zero-gravity feature
  • You cannot do a lot of adjustments with this recliner.
  • The heating therapy is at a minimum level.

What to Consider When Choosing the Best Recliners for Back Pain

Electronic Features 

Before buying any recliner, it is super important that you need to have some understanding about the controls of that recliner. Most recliners come with a number of useful features heat and message functions for back or neck. These controls help in relieving the pain from your back or even sore muscles. However, that is not to say, simple recliners are not comfortable enough. They are also good for providing comfort but if you want an extra level of relief for your back muscles, you should always look for such features. The only downside of recliners with electronic controls is that they are relatively quite expensive as compare to usual ones. Moreover, you also need to have an electrical outlet nearby in order for these recliners to function properly.  


As far as recliners are concerned, not only are they useful for your back pain, they can also enhance the interior decor of your home. It means you should also consider a recliner that is stylish and perhaps good-looking too. Depending upon the style of the recliner, there can be a wide variety of chairs out there. If you want to have an old-fashioned recliner chair, you can easily find one. However, they also come a modern and classic shape and design. There cannot be a one-size-fits-all design and shape because each person has his own preferences and tastes. Majority of the recliners are available in either leather material or fabric material. Unlike fabric recliner chairs, leather recliners are often more durable and nice-looking which is why most people prefer them. That said, the style and look of the recliner only comes after the fact that it is very comfortable in the first place.   


Recliners often come in a variety of different design, shapes and sizes. Depending upon the specific needs of the user, some recliners are designed for tall people while others are for normal individuals. For that reason, it is super important that before selecting the recliner for back pain, you need to be sure that it suits to your specific requirements. The perfect size of the reclining chair makes gives you high level of comfort while also keep you in the correct sitting posture. You must make sure that your body may fit into the seating cushion and it is comfortable for you lounge. It helps in alleviating back pain and stiff muscles of your neck as well. For tall people, the backrest needs to be high enough so that they may relax their neck muscles. 


Most recliners are made of synthetic or genuine leather material. It is important to consider the quality of this leather because if the leather is breathable and of high quality, it will be more comfortable and hold up for years too. If the recliner is made of synthetic leather, it can be more appealing to the eye. Apart from leather, some recliners are made of microfiber material. Even though they may not be as durable as leather recliners, they have the added benefit of being cost-effective. Also make sure that the leather cover should be easy to clean in case of liquid spills. 

Heating Function and Lumbar support

If you have a chronic back pain, it is essential that you consider buying a recliner that has very good lumbar support. Besides, the heating feature gives an instant relief to your lower back muscles. If there is a thick padding at the backrest and lumbar support, it provides high level of comfort for the user. In this way, you can alleviate most pains including stiff neck muscles and back problems. Most recliners target various areas of your body to give a proper therapeutic massage. Whether you want to massage your leg, thigh or lower back, it eases off the pressure from your muscles. Some of the remote controllers also come with different intensity levels of massage. You just have to press the button and it starts heating that specific area. 

Massage Options

In order to relieve pain from your back muscles and relax your muscles, your recliner must have multiple options for massaging. If it’s a good recliner chair, it will have variety of massage programs to ensure proper massage to the whole body. With the help of remote controller, it is pretty easy to set the intensity level as well as the massage mode as per your desires. Some recliner chairs come with an all-around body massage thanks to the massage roller and vibrating elements. 

Personal Requirements

Whether you want to have a recliner for premium comfort or to alleviate back pain, it really depends on what you are looking for. Depending upon your specific needs, each recliner chair comes with variety of options to suit people’s requirements. Make sure you consider your personal needs and requirements before selecting any particular recliner. 

Additional Features

Some of the best recliners for back pain often come with a lot of handy extra features like bluetooth, storage device, USB charge and others. Despite the fact, these recliners are relatively quite expensive than usual ones, they are pretty helpful features if you want to read a book or watching a TV while lounging on a recliner chair. 

Storage Options

Recliners provide you ultimate relaxation and high level of comfort. However, some times you also need to store some valuable things right next to you. Thus, most recliners have side pocket as well as storage console for storing little things like remote controller or chargers inside. This is especially good if you’re looking for watching your favorite program on TV or even using a laptop while sitting. 


You also need to consider how long do you sit on a recliner chair. It is important because the more frequently you use, the more durable and long-lasting it needs to be. If your recliner has solid frame construction and high quality of leather material, it ensures that this chair will hold up for years even after a lot of frequent usage. Typically, senior people who find it hard to move around spend a lot of time in a recliner. For such people, comfort and durability are necessary options. 


There is a great range of pricing when it comes to buying a recliner chair. Depending upon the type of material with which it is made of and the size, some recliners are quite expensive while others are available at an affordable price. However, the normal range for a recliner starts from $150 to $1,500. Therefore, you need to keep in mind the budget requirements and then decide to have as many useful features as you can within that budget. But the comfort level and the ability to alleviate back pain must always be the top consideration. 

Features of the Best Recliner for Back Pain and Neck Problems 

Following are some of the great features you should always look out for before buying best recliners for back pain problems:  

  • A pretty effective heating function for a soothing massage of your sore muscles.
  • In order to enjoy great comfort level, you need to make sure that the chair has thick cushioning at the back and seat. If it contains enough memory foam, the chair becomes very comfortable to lounge on. 
  • A very good recliner provides high comfort level as well as it allows you to move around easily. 
  • It should be made of high quality and soft leather material, which is durable and can hold up for years. 
  • The movement of the reclining chair must be smooth and there should not be any kind of noise as you lean back.
  • It has very good lumbar support and thick cushion for the sore back muscles. 
  • The size of the recliner should be good enough and according to your specific needs and interior decor. 
  • If it’s a power lift recliner, that would be an added feature because these kinds of chairs contain due motors for leaning back and to lift up again. 
  • It must be made of high quality and durable steel frame construction for durability. 
  • Most reclining chairs with a heat and massage functions come with variety of modes on their remote controller. With different intensity levels, you can conveniently choose to have massage as per your needs. 

Benefits of a Recliner 

Providing a high level of comfort and a very good support to your back muscles are some of the key benefits of a good recliner. 

Takes pressure off your joints

If you sit on a chair for long hours, it puts a lot of pressure on your joints. However, this is not the case with recliners because when you lean back, the whole pressure of your body shifts from your knee joints and onto the hips. This is especially good for your health since a good sitting posture makes your back muscles relax completely. 

Instant relief to back pain 

One of the great advantages of the best recliner for back pain is that it doesn’t put a lot of pressure either on your joints or on back muscles. In this way, it helps in alleviating even in chronic back pain problems and stiff muscles. If your recliner has vibration feature, it will give instant relief to your muscles by mitigating muscle tension right away. 

High level of Comfort

A good recliner provides an extra level of comfort to the user. For people who have difficulty in standing upright, this chair will help them getting onto their feet with ease. Moreover, a recliner will also have thickly padded backrest, armrest and seating cushion for ultimate comfort. 

Reduces stiffness

A good recliner chair helps in alleviating muscle and joint stiffness thanks to the mobility it offers. As a result, it increases the lymphatic system of the user by reducing various kinds of muscle and joint stiffness.

Stand back safely and smoothly 

A recliner can allow you to extend your body forward or stand upright from the reclining position smoothly and effortlessly. Likewise, if you want to lounge on the recliner, it will allow you to sit quite comfortably and without posing any risk of falling. 

Appropriate sitting posture

The recliner can make you feel comfortable by the correct sitting posture, and which also provides great benefits for your health. With great lumbar support and soft seating cushion, this chair can be a really heaven for those suffering from back or neck pain problems. 

Types of Recliners for Back Pain

Before selecting the best recliner for back pain, it is essential to know in advance what kinds of recliners are available to choose from. Each recliner has its own benefits and every recliner chair offers different purposes for different people’s needs. 

Zero Gravity Recliners

The zero-g recliners are some of the best chairs for relieving back pain issues. They are extremely comfortable and they help in alleviating pain from your spinal cords and neck muscles. Once you lean back, the knees will go sightly above the level of your heart. As a result, this relaxing posture does not put any pressure on your spine. In fact, it gives an experience of virtually weightlessness because it relieves stress from your knee joints. These kinds of recliners provide full support to your body weight. Most of these chairs also come with a heat and massage function. You tend to experience a deeper massage once you put your entire body weight onto the rollers. In this way, the spine bones gets no stress at all. 

Massaging Recliners 

Massaging recliners are really wonderful chairs for relieving your stress and pain. They are especially effective for therapeutic benefits. These chairs offer massage for multiple areas of your body like hips, thighs, feet and shoulders. In this way, the rollers provide a penetrating and deep massage to just about every area of your body. Most of them also come with a heating function for your lumbar area and also airbags facility for an air massage therapy. As a result, you tend to relax your sore muscles and relieve stress and back pain. Plus, these recliners improve the circulation of blood and are also very effective for people recovering from surgery. In addition to chronic back pain, these massaging chairs helps patients with arthritis and neck pains. 

Power Lift Recliners 

The electric lift recliners turn out to be pretty helpful especially for seniors who find it hard to stand back on their feet. The lift mechanism of such recliners pushes the chair forward and it allows the user to stand upright without putting any pressure on their knee joints. They often come with an easy-to-use controls which makes it super easy for anyone to operate these with ease. Moreover, the user can stop the reclining or lifting position wherever he feels comfortable, as per his desires. Some of these also come with heat and massage functions to provide extra relief. 

Classic Recliners  

Classic recliners are the most traditional type of recliner chairs. These chairs have the minimum features for comfort and relaxation. However, they have pretty nice support for your lower back and you can also relax your feet by stretching them forward. Thanks to their traditional and classic design, they also offer very good back and lumbar support for your back or neck pain, provided it’s not too bad. Due to their stylish design, you can also use them as armchairs in your living rooms.  

Recliners with Separate Ottomans

These types of recliners are unique in a way that they do not have an attached footrest with the chair itself. In fact, there is a separate ottoman with them for you to relax your feet. One of the great benefits of these chairs is that you can place the ottoman according to your needs. By doing so, they can accommodate even taller people to stretch their feet and experience instant relief. If you have a mild back pain, these chairs can be a good option because of their nice lumbar support too. 

FAQ – Frequently Asked Question

Can sleeping in a recliner chair cause problems?

Well it depends. However, it is typically considered safe to sleep in a recliner chair. If your recliner have a high level of comfort, there is minimum risk of sleeping on it. In fact, some people often sleep well in a recliner than in a bed like those having some kind of sleep apnea or GERD. For a comfortable night sleep, you can throw blankets and pillows around your body to make you feel more comfortable and cozy. Besides, it will also support your neck and back muscles and provide you premium level of comfort. That said, there are also some side effects for sleeping in a recliner like problems in breathing, joint stiffness, impaired blood circulation and deep vein thrombosis (DVT).

When you decide you sleep on a recliner, you should take all the necessary stuff in advance to make you feel comfortable. This is important because if you’re not comfortable enough, it is possible you may wake up several times during the night which is certainly not good for your body. For that, you need to have enough blankets to keep you warm and cozy all night long. You can throw a sheet cover over the leather material of the recliner or put pillows at the back of your headrest, neck support or lumbar support. 

Can sleeping in a recliner cause back pain problems?

Typically, it is not recommended to sleep on a recliner on a daily basis. If you want to sleep on it occasionally, it does not pose any risk. However, recliners are not designed to sleep all night long which is why health experts often discourage people from sleeping on a recliner every night. It may occasionally cause problems like bad digestion or sleep apnea. But there are some people who find it more comfortable to sleep on a recliner chair instead of their bed due to the higher comfort level. By and large, sleeping in a recliner almost always alleviate chronic back pain. It is very unlikely that your back pain get worsens while sleeping on recliner chair. 

Are recliners bad for your back?

If your recliner does not have a proper lumbar support, it can definitely hurt your back pain like if there is a large gap between the recliner and your lower back. If you slouch, it will put a lot of stress on your lower back muscles and ligaments. However, recliners are especially good for persons who are recently recovering from surgery or for people who spend a lot of time standing up. If you stand for long, it puts a lot of pressure on your back and so, recliners can alleviate that pain and provide a good level of comfort. A good recliner chair will always have a pretty nice support for your lumbar area, headrests and thighs. 

According to health experts, you must have a 135-degree angle in your sitting posture. With this angle, you don’t put stress on your spine and there is no damaging effect on your back. However, if you sit at a 115-degree angle, it will also relieve stress from your back muscles. Plus, the armrests of the recliner must also be at a height that you feel comfortable to rest your arms. You also need to make sure that your feet touch the ground.  

All in all, it is not always preferable to sit on a recliner for an extended period.

What recliner has the best lumbar support?

Recliners are available in a wide variety of designs, shapes and styles. However, not all of them are comfortable enough to lounge due to lack of good support at the lower back. But there are some very good ergonomically-designed recliners that help you releases back pain and stress. Some of the best recliners with very good lumbar support can correct your sitting posture and also alleviate pressure from your back. If you have a chronic back pain, you can relieve some stress from your spinal cord by using zero-gravity setting of your recliner. 

Do Recliners Help with Back Pain?

Yes of course! In fact, the very purpose of a recliner is to give instant relief to your sore neck muscles or to your back pain. They can be pretty helpful in alleviating a lot of physical-related problems like:

If you lean back in the right posture, it will give your muscles instant relief and make you feel comfortable. The reclining chair eases the pain off your joints, ligaments or muscles. 

For those people who are overweight or suffering from sciatica, recliners are probably the best solution to mitigate such back pain. This is because these sofas take all the pressure off from your lower back as you lean back. 

These chairs are also pretty nice in relieving the pain from your spinal bones. The reason why people suffer from pain of spinal cord is when your bones start rubbing against each other. That’s where recliners come in because they prevent your bones from getting into touch with one another. 

If you sit on a very good recliner chair, it may also help you the bones of your lower back, hips, spinal cords, and legs to align properly. 

You may have noticed that if you sit on a hunched position for far too long, it may cause great strain on the upper part of your back muscles. However, recliners have an added benefit of keeping your shoulders and neck high in the proper position. In this way, you do not usually experience the back pain while reclining.  

How Can Recliner Chairs Alleviate Back Pain?

Recliners are turned out to be pretty useful in reducing pain from your lack muscles. The reason being, if you lean back, the whole weight shifts toward the seat of the chair instead of the lower back of your body. In this way, it eases the pressure off your lower back joints and spinal cord. Once the body weight is distributed evenly, it makes your stiff muscles to relax. If you have got the best recliner for back pain, it should increase the circulation of your blood thanks to its very good lumbar support. Moreover, if you recliner chair has massage functions, it further relieves back pain with its various massage modes.  

What type of recliner should you use for a back pain?

The ergonomic recliner is one of the best recliners for lower back pain. These chairs have numerous therapeutic benefits as they offer support for your neck, back and lower back. However, there are typically two types of recliners for a bad back, namely power and manual recliners. 

Power recliners lean back and lift up with the help of an electric motor. Likewise, the footrest is also adjustable using buttons on the remote controlling system. Due to ease of use, these recliners are very good for people with back and hip pain. 

Manual recliner, on the other hand, makes use of a lever to release the footrest or lower the backrest. However, the lever is sometimes hard to find and it becomes more of a hassle for the user to operate this kind of recliner. Plus, it also requires significant amount of force to push back the footrest with your feet. For these reasons, it’s always preferable to use power recliner for people with bad back. 

Final Verdict 

The Shiatsu massage chair is our hands down top pick for the best recliner for back pain. 

That said, it really depends on what you’re looking for and what kind of recliner suits you most. 

Each of the above mentioned recliners offers its own unique benefits for the users. Even though it can be tricky to pick out which one is best for your specific needs, they are all pretty comfortable and provide very good lumbar support.

I have tried to answer most of the questions which you may have about recliners for back pain like features of a good recliner, how to choose one or whether recliners are good for your back pain or not. 

I hope this article helps solve most, if not all, of your queries about recliners. 

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