Best Power Lift Recliners with Heat and Massage [Reviews & Buying Guide]

Best Power Lift Recliners with Heat and Massage [Reviews & Buying Guide]

A lift recliner is always a great option especially for seniors who struggle to get up on their feet. With age, it becomes pretty hard for the elderly folks to put strain on their knees or ankles. However, fortunately there are some of the best power lift recliners with heat and massage out there. These chairs have a specialized and powerful motor mechanism that gently pushes the chair forward. In this way, the elderly do not have to put strain on their knees while getting up from the seated position. Plus, these recliners also tend to have some pretty useful bells and whistles like heat and massage functions that are extremely useful for soothing stiff or sore muscles. 

That said, it is a pretty challenging task to find the best power lift recliner since there are literally a lot of recliners with different designs, sizes and shapes. But since we have a team of experts on recliners, we have narrowed down our top three picks for you. 

After doing about 12 to 13 hours of expert research on lift recliners, we have chosen the following three lift chairs for you. All of these three recliners are hands down our top pick for the best power lift recliners for the elderly. I hope this guide will help you decide which one is the best option for your specific needs. We seek to provide impartial and unbiased review of each recliner so that it becomes super clear to you whether the particular recliner is good pick for you or not. Now without further ado, let’s deep dive into each of the three recliners in super detail!  

Our Top Three Picks For The Best Power Lift Recliners with Heat and Massage 2021

1. Mcombo Electric Lift Recliner Chair

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Mcombo Electric Power Lift Recliner


This Mcombo recliner lifts and reclines with the help of a corded remote. In order to see how good or comfortable this recliner is for seniors, one of our testers delivers this recliner to her uncle. What’s more, her uncle had knee problems and there was also swelling in his legs. We wanted to see whether or not this product is good for people with mobility issues. 

What we found was that it is pretty comfortable to lounge for elderly folks. Her uncle says that by elevating the legs, it helps him a great deal in alleviating stress from his knees.

On another occasion, one other customer had a remote control that was not working properly. So he contacted the company for a new one. They replaced it right away and the new remote arrived within a couple of days via UPS. It indicates that the customer service is excellent and the company takes very good care of its customers. In fact, on one occasion, the company went so far that they even replaced the backrest, the remotes as well as all the power cables that come with it (even after two to three months of usage). The Mcombo customer service looks really admirable and pretty impressive indeed. We’re pretty sure you can’t ask for anything better!

The leather upholstery is pretty soft, easy to clean and also pleasing to the eye. In order to test it further, we gave this chair to an elderly who was above 80 years old. With the height of up to 4’11, she is certainly on the shorter side. However, she fit perfectly into this chair which means this recliner is a very good choice especially for petite frames. After using it for a while, she said it was a pretty comfortable recliner and the heat function works great too. Plus, she says that the chair lifts slowly and in a smooth manner. 

Our team found that the lift and recline motions are very smooth. What’s more, it is so easy to follow the directions of the remote control that almost any 80 or 90-year-old can do it with ease. With just two arrow buttons pointing up and down, the reclining and lifting mechanism is more of a cinch. Not only this, they are easily visible even during the night, thanks to the bright green lights that always stays on. 

Since the lift mechanism is so gentle and incremental, there is absolutely no need to fear about the safety of your elderly. The slow tilt mechanism makes it super easy for the user to decide when to stop the lift and at what angle. What’s more, the up and down chair motion is completely silent. 

We found that the heat and massage features are quite beneficial for cooler nights. The massage function works great especially for relieving sore back muscles. Even though it has a mild vibration and certainly not the kind of a shiatsu massage, still it works well with five intensity levels. It is pretty easy for just about anyone to follow the instructions too. 

It takes a little bit of time for a heating function to warm up. 

The massage has quite a number of settings. Depending upon your specific needs, you can adjust the massage features as per your personal preferences. Plus, you can even manually adjust the massage settings.

Also, the recliner doesn’t slide during operation, which is great. Besides, the USB ports are a very useful addition in that the individual can charge iPad or iPhones with much ease. 

The recliner is shipped in two boxes. There are four pieces in total: the backrest, the bottom part and the two arms. There is a separate box for the armrests and the backrest. It is pretty easy to slide and lock them into place. The bottom part is pretty heavy to move around. After that, you need to plug one cord into a nearby power outlet and the other ones to each other. A little tip of unboxing might help: once you receive the boxes, flip the box upside down and open the base and you’re good to go.  

Key Tips After You Buy This Product

Once your elderly goes into a fully reclined position and he somehow drops the remote out of his hands, it is literally impossible for him to access from there. For that reason, what we recommend is that you may add a Velcro to the cup holder of this chair so that the remote will never be out of reach. 

Before buying this recliner, one thing you should be wary of is that since it comes with a corded remote, sometimes the wires get routed through the electric lift motor. As a result, they may get caught in the system and can become frayed. In order to do away with this problem, what we recommend is that you should secure the cables to the lift mechanism beforehand with the help of tie wraps or tape all the cables to the frame. In this way, these wires will have a predefined path and they are not going to pose any problems. Additionally, you can use the tape to fasten the connectors with each other.

Before putting the backrest, make sure you slide the arms all the way into place. This way the recliner will not be unsteady. 

As a warning, be careful when you lift the chair because it does go pretty high. 


Our team find that one of the downsides of this recliner is that the heat and massage features do not work together. If you want to turn on the vibration options, you may have to cancel the heating function. 

Despite the fact the chair is overall quite comfortable, our team concludes that the seat cushion does not have a very sink-in-comfy feeling especially when it leans back. Plus, this recliner is slightly on the narrow side too.  

Although it’s not a huge deal but it takes a bit of time to put together. Thanks to the easy-to-follow instructions, it will take you less than an hour to assemble this chair. Actually, people sometimes get confused about how to connect all the different cables. 

We find that the side pocket is too low and it is quite challenging for the elderly to reach for it, especially for those having some sort of joint problems. 

Finally, this chair is on the smaller side and therefore it is not suitable for large frames. 

Why You Should Buy This Product?

There are several good reasons for why you should think about buying this recliner. Depending upon your specific needs and personal preferences, Mcombo lift recliner is by far one of the best recliners out there, especially for seniors or for those having knee or back problems. It contains literally all the features and functions of any luxurious recliner. This is a pretty well-made, comfortable and easy to use chair for just about anyone. Besides, the chair reclines and lifts pretty smoothly and slowly which makes it super easy for the elderly to get up on their feet. Finally, according to our personal experience and by seeking feedback from several other customers, we are pretty sure that the Mcombo customer service is not only excellent but also extremely responsive and very quick. Therefore, we highly recommend this chair if you’re looking for a budget-friendly recliner with high-standard features. 

Who This Product Is For?

Mcombo power lift recliner is an excellent purchase especially for those who may have some sort of knee problems or swelling in their legs and that make it pretty hard for them to get up on their feet. 

This recliner is also great for people who may have a shoulder, ankle, hip or a knee replacement surgery and they are in a post-op recovery phase. 

Moreover, Mcombo recliner is not just a simple chair but it is a power lift recliner with heat and massage options. That means this chair is also a great chair for persons who are fighting from various other medical conditions like Polio, Neuropathy, Scleroderma, Fibromyalgia or even Myositis. 

Last but not least, this recliner chair is also a perfect option for just about anyone who may have spine problems or even for those who are suffering from arthritis or dementia in their back. 

The bottom-line is, this recliner helps these people a great deal and it relieves a lot of strain from their stiff or sore back muscles. However, remember that since this recliner is on the small side, we do not recommend it for tall frames. But it is certainly a very good chair for small to medium size individuals and for up to 5’9” or 5’10”.

What is the USP (Unique Selling Proposition) of this product?

According to our personal experience, what makes Mcombo lift recliner stands out from others is the fact that they offer amazing customer service. In order to fix problems or even prevent future problems from occurring we have witnessed that they are willing to go an extra mile to make their customers happy and satisfied. Even though the recliner itself is comfortable, budget-friendly and pretty comfortable, we think the excellent customer service of this company is the main selling point of this recliner.

2. RELAXIXI Power Lift Recliner

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RELAXIXI Power Lift Recliner


Since headrest extends across the whole upper portion of the chair, you don’t have to find the exact spot for your head. 

It has a pretty wide seat cushion and once you take a seat, it feels like a roomy recliner. However, the seat cushion is quite firm. The recliner comes with pretty nice accessories like dual side pockets, a USB portal and two cup holders. The chair lifts up with the help of a side button.

Our team of testers carefully hear the sound of a motor as the chair leans back or lifts up. What we find is that the motor is pretty much silent. However, the motor mechanism makes a very slight purring sound when it reclines or comes back. But the sound is hardly noticeable and certainly not irritating by any means. 

It comes with pictorial directions that are super easy to follow. The fully assembly of this chair takes just about 15 to 20 minutes. 

The leather upholstery has a soft feel and it wipes clean easily. Plus, the massage feature contains several settings to choose from and it vibrates your whole body. 

One team member was about 5’6” and his feet didn’t go off the edge once raised. In fact, his heels went right to the end. What we recommend is that you must check the dimensions of your legs all the way from butt to heels while you’re sitting. And make sure you also take into account the depth of the seat with the height of your legs. When we tested this chair with a 6’1” person, we found that the feet hang off the footrest (from the ankle downwards). However, once we put the pillow under his legs, it was comfortable. 

The recliner comes in two boxes and the shipping is free. But the important thing is, both boxes arrive separately. It may take an extra couple of days for the other box to arrive. On one occasion, one of the two boxes did not arrive. As we contacted the seller, they sent another one straight away. The customer service looks pretty responsive and efficient. In fact, the seller informs us even before the package was delivered about the name of the company as well as the number of boxes to arrive. After we ordered the chair, the company provided us with the tracking information and the current status of the delivery. It shows that they always keep in touch with the customer, which is great. Actually, the delivery is pretty fast and in most of the cases, the boxes arrive earlier than anticipated. 


Because it is not an infinite-position recliner, as you elevate your legs, it makes the backrest to recline. Therefore, it is not a good position to be in if you want to watch TV in that you’ll have to throw a pillow behind your head. 

It doesn’t offer a very deep massage and once the vibration is turned on, it gives loud ‘hum’ kind of odd noises. 

The base is slightly too heavy to lift. Our team concludes that for some people, it may take a little longer to assemble this chair. When our testers looked at the instructions, we found there is lack of instructions for how to lock the backrest into place. 

One member of our team finds that if the power goes out and you’re in a recliner position, there is no way to bring you back to its original posture. After that, we conclude that this recliner lacks an integrated battery.  

This chair doesn’t have a very good support if you’re hard on arm rests.

Despite the fact the headrest extends to the top, it is not too comfortable for your stiff neck muscles since the back keeps pushing your head too much forward. 

Although not a dealbreaker but we also found that since the control options are on the right side, it means the buttons will not be user-friendly for those who have some kind of difficulty using their right hand. 

Why You Should Buy This Product

One of the reasons why we recommend this recliner chair is that it offers a lot of features of any luxurious chair but at an affordable price. Given the price of this chair, we think this sofa exceeds our expectations in many ways. Honestly speaking, there is literally no reason to spend too much money on other more expensive recliners when this RELAXIXI lift chair contains just about the same features as any other good and comfortable chair.

Even though the comfort level is not too great and the seat is pretty firm too, it is not a dealbreaker by any means. Besides, this company has very responsive and quick customer service which is an added bonus. If you find any defect in the motor mechanism or any other part, we found through our tests that the company is very cooperative in responding to customer’s queries. They will keep in touch with the customer along the way as to the status of the delivery. We’re pretty sure you’ll be pleased with your purchase because it worth every penny. 

Who This Product Is For

The RELAXIXI power lift recliner is an ideal choice for small-to-medium sized individuals who may have some kind of knee or joint problems like arthritis and edema. It is a great help for those who may experience frequent falls while sitting in or getting out of the chair. The heat and massage features work great in soothing knee arthritis. Even though it fits medium-sized individuals perfectly well, this chair is nearly as comfortable for persons up to 6 feet or so too.

In addition to the persons having knee problems, the RELAXIXI lift chair is also an excellent choice for people who had a recent hip replacement surgery and they are on a recovery phase. This recliner will help them speed up the recovery thanks to its smooth and silent lift mechanism. Finally, this recliner chair is also best suited to elderly with back pain problems. 

What is the Unique Selling Proposition of This Product 

One of the main reasons that makes this RELAXIXI chair stand out from its competitors is that the chair contains all the useful features at a very reasonable price. On top of that, the amazing customer service of the company is definitely a plus. If you happen to find that the motor mechanism is not working properly or heat and massage functions could not work for some technical reason, the company responds quickly and in a timely manner to fix the problem. Thus, a very good customer service for a budget-friendly recliner is not something you could find easily.

3. Esright Power Lift Recliner Chair

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Esright Power Lift Chair


Our team tested this recliner with a couple of persons who have had some sort of medical conditions. One such person was an elderly female who was suffering from back pain due to sciatica. Since it was pretty challenging for her to get off from a couch we thought this chair could assist her in getting up on her feet. 

It contains quite a lot of additional features like cup holders and several pouches. There are two large compartments on each side of the chair and they are pretty useful in holding stuff. Plus, the front side of each arm has a smaller pouch for storing little things for easy access. These small pouches have enough space to hold your cell phones. Next, this recliner also comes with dual cup holders. The size of each cup holder is perfect and it can easily hold a can or a water bottle. However, make sure to take out the can from the cup holder in case you want to lift the chair. The reason being, it is quite possible that it may spill when the motor pushes the chair forward. But of course there will be no problems if the can is closed. 

As far as the build quality is concerned, we find it more durable and reliable than standard recliner chairs. However, the armrests seem lighter and therefore, it’s better not to sit on them if you’re an adult. Since these arms slide on the rails, sitting on them can cause damage to these rails. 

Even though it is not luxurious, the fabric upholstery seems to hold up pretty nicely and it doesn’t attract fuzz or hair too. There is plush foam padding on the arms which makes it plump and quite comfortable. 

The recliner is packaged nicely and securely in two boxes. Thanks to several packing materials, you don’t need to worry about any damage during delivery. Each box contains one arm along with either of the two: the back or the base of the chair. However, always remember that both boxes arrive on different days. Besides, the base of the recliner is pretty heavy to move around so make sure to get an extra pair of hands. 

It is pretty straightforward to set up this chair with the help of instructions if you go through them thoroughly. On the whole, it will require you up to 30 minutes max to fully assemble this chair. 

There are several cords, screws and connectors too. One of the things we like about these cords is that there is a plastic clamp on large connectors which is pretty handy. With the clamp in place, the cable doesn’t come off easily with minor tugs or tension as it securely plug them together. It can be more of a hassle (especially for the elderly) if the connectors get unplugged and you need to go at the back of the chair to connect them again. 

The fact that this recliner lifts off about 5 to 6 inches off the floor makes it super easy for the individual to exit the chair and it also puts minimum strain on your back. 

The buttons on the remote control are for heat and massage functions only while recline and lift buttons are located on the side of the recliner. This way, there will be no confusion about the right buttons. The massage is more of a mild vibration 


This chair doesn’t lay all the way too far back. It means this sofa may not be good for sleeping for long.  

This chair fits small-to-medium individuals up to 5’8” or 5’10” but it is not suitable for tall persons. If you’re about 6’1” or more, we find that your feet will hang off the end of the footrest. 

The side buttons for reclining doesn’t have a tactile feel. It is not actually a downside but it would really be nice if there something to feel them. 

There is some improvement needed for the instructions of its assembly. 

Why You Should Buy This Product

The Esright power lift recliner is a pretty comfortable couch with sturdy frame construction. Even though it doesn’t recline all the way back, it is perfect for relaxing, watching TV, or even for a brief nap. Given the fact that it contains many extra features like USB charging ports, cup holders and pouches, it makes this chair a complete package for just about anyone. 

Who This Product Is For

Esright lift recliner chair is an excellent choice for the elderly as well as for those suffering from a variety of medical conditions including sciatica, Alzheimer’s, or even dementia. 

This is a particularly useful chair for just about anyone who has limited mobility either due to swelling of their feet or ankles or maybe due to any other reason which makes them pretty hard to get up on their own. 

Besides, this recliner is also great for those who have a bad back or those who may have had a recent surgery and they are looking for a chair for post-op recovery. What we have found through our hours of research that this chair has been a great lifesaver especially for people who had either a knee replacement or a major back surgery. 

It has a pretty nice lumbar support which is especially good for people with back pain issues as well. Last but not least, it is a pretty nice recliner for baby nursing and for napping or reading too. 

What is the USP (Unique Selling Proposition) of This Product?

It is quite evident that the Esright lift recliner offers a lot of additional features in addition to some of the basic ones that are normally found in usual recliner chairs. However, what makes this recliner stand out from others is the fact that it has a pretty nice support for your spinal bones. The back support of this recliner is so good that it helps people with back pain problems a lot. Not only this, the lumbar support also speed up the recovery of patients who may have knee or back surgery recently. 

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